Advantages Of Using Business Phones

It is surprising to see quite a number of small and medium businesses who need to make high intensity phone calls, both within the country and outside it, depending on single and dual line phones. If this is not enough, many of them rely on mobile phones to communicate despite their high costs. Others depend on inexpensive software to make low quality voice calls using the VoIP protocol. Since all of them have broadband connections in their office, they can easily take advantage of business phones and broadband to make high quality phone calls without denting their budget. Since they already have a broadband connection, they only require business phones that work using business phones. The biggest advantage of using such phones is that they can lease it for a low monthly cost. Find below some of the benefits of using such business phone systems.

Share phone lines

When using a standard phone system, one employee would have to wait for the call to be terminated to the other phone before he or she could start talking. Costs apart, having an individual phone for each employee, the owners would require to have one jack and phone installed for each employee. On the other hand, employees can share phone lines by using a business phone and broadband system. Such a system allows access to every phone as well as assigns a separate extension for each employee.

Auto attendant

Have you ever called a business and heard recorded instructions to punch in a separate number for a particular option; you were listening to an IVR system, also known in business parlance as an auto attendant. There is no need for a receptionist when using such a system. This system receives your call and requests you to punch a number on your telephone for specific instructions. For example, when calling an international company, you might hear the prompt for punching in `1' for English, `2' for French, and so forth. On selecting the voice, you will next be prompted to select another number from a menu of options. After you have completed the instructions, the business phone will attempt to connect your call with the first available person in the company. Certain systems also inform you about your position in the queue and the number of minutes you will have to wait for initiating the call.

Abbreviated dialling

With a business phone, you no longer need to dial the entire number of a co-employee. You only need to punch in three to four digits to connect with the other employee. This means that you do not have to remember multiple 10-digit numbers to connect with the other employee.• Eliminate monthly phone bills: By using a business phone system, you can save a lot of money by eliminating monthly phone bills. You only have to pay a monthly rental charge that depends on the number of lines you have leased. The company from which you lease the phones include setting up and maintenance fees with the leasing cost of the business phone and broadband.